JANET JACKSON BIOPIC IS IN THE WORKS: According to The Jasmine Brand, sources say that Janet Jackson has landed her very own biopic. Details are scarce but it is being reported that the project is being finalized and auditions have already begun — but things have come to a halt due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

R. KELLY AND NIECY NASH AUDITIONED FOR 'THE FIVE HEARTBEATS': In a recent interview with Page Six, Robert Townsend revealed that R. Kelly and Niecy Nash auditioned for his classic film The Five Heartbeats. A documentary on the film is streaming on UMC TV. He the newspaper, “Keenan Ivory Wayans and I rewrote that script like 30 times, and what you will see is Niecy Nash on line at the open call audition.  She was just a baby. Now she’s a Hollywood icon. R. Kelly is on line to audition at the Regal Theatre in Chicago." He continued, “He comes to me and he’s like, ‘Mr. Townsend I’m trying to be a songwriter for the movie’ … He did play some music for me.”

SZA ACCUSED OF BLEACHING HER SKIN: Fans have accused SZA of bleaching her skin for a few years but she recently reignited the accusations after accidently showing pills that are commonly used for skin bleaching on her social media. This past weekend, the signer showed off the vitamins and supplements she takes and among them were glutathione pills — which is a pill that brightens your skin.  SZA responded to the accusations, saying that she takes them for her immune system.