JOHN LEGEND AND OTHER CELEBRITIES REACT TO DONALD TRUMP'S VOW FOR MILITARY ACTION: Celebrities took to social media to react to President Trump threatening military response to protests if the violence doesn't stop. He said, “If a city or state refuses to take the actions that are necessary to defend the life and property of their residents, then I will deploy the U.S. military and quickly solve the problem for them.” John Legend tweeted, “#BunkerBoy Trump had to prove he could walk in broad daylight today so he sicced the police on peaceful protesters so he could stand there and awkwardly hold the Bible. Dear God. We need to end this nightmare of a presidency.” Diddy also took to social media and wrote, “TRUMP IS TRIPPIN!!! POWER TO THE PEOPLE ✊🏿.” Singer Ariana Grande tweeted, “speechless…” THE WEEKND DONATES $500K TO BLACK LIVES MATTER ORGANIZATIONS: The Weeknd has donated $500,000 to several Black Lives Matter donations in support of George Floyd protestors. The singer/songwriter contributed $200,0000 to Black Lives Matter Global Network, $200,000 to Colin Kaepernick's Know Your Rights campaign, and $100,000 to National Bail Out. The Weeknd also urged those without millions of dollars to donate what they can to help support people who are protesting for justice. He wrote via Instagram, “keep supporting our brothers and sisters out there risking everything to push for actual change for our black lives. Urging everyone with big pockets to give and give big and if you have less please give what you can even if it's a small amount. #blacklivesmatter.”

KEHLANI TELLS LANA DEL REY TO DELETE 'DANGEROUS' VIDEO OF PROTESTORS: Kehlani checked singer Lana Del Rey for sharing a video of protestors in Los Angeles and seemingly being unaware that many of them have been getting doxxed and threatened by white supremacists and far right groups. Kehlani tweeted, “please remove your instagram post it’s dangerous as fuck and a very poor choice of moments to post. by all means protest, but DO NOT endanger people with your very massive platform. oh and turn your f*ckin comments on man.” When a fan dissed Lana, Kehlani responded, “it’s not about her don’t make it about her it’s about furthering endangering the lives of black people. it’s about responsibility.” Del Rey ultimately removed the video from her Instagram account, but reposted an edited version of it shortly after.