BOYZ II MEN SINGER WANYA MORRIS CLAPS BACK AT KANDI BURRUSS FOR SAYING THEY WERE HORRIBLE TO WORK WITH: Boyz II Men singer Wanya Morris threw some major shade at Kandi Burruss for revealing that the group was the most difficult to work with during an interview with Eddie Levert Sr. During an Instagram Live, Wanya revealed that Kandi wasn't happy with the way the songwriting credits for  a song she worked on called "Good Guy" was split. He explained, “We made a little bit of a stink.  That’s not how we work. From that point, it became harder to work with her.”  He continued, “I didn’t know we were the worst to work with, but I mean, after TLC and Boyz II Men and a couple of other people, she hasn’t worked since, right? Like music wise? She’s just been doing like reunions with Xscape.”

KELLY ROWLAND SAYS BEYONCE AND MICHELLE WILLIAMS WATCHED HER GIVE BIRTH VIA ZOOM: Kelly Rowland has revealed that Beyonce and Michelle Williams were present via Zoom when she gave birth to her second son Noah back in February. She told PEOPLE (The TV Show!), “They were able to see Noah come into the world. It was beautiful" adding that Bey and Michelle are “awesome, awesome, awesome, awesome” aunts.

T-PAIN GETS HIS REVENGE ON RACIST CALL OF DUTY PLAYERS: T-Pain got his revenge on racists Call of Duty players during a session on Twitch. According to Entertainment Weekly, the singer reveaved in a recent Tik Tok video that he was about to play a round with online rivals when the other players started dropping the n word and insulting the Black Lives Matter movement. Once the actually gameplay began, you can hear T-Pain shouting in the video. The singer said, “I want all of them.  I want every single f*cking one of them! I want it all, I want it all, I want every part of it! I want the whole thing!” After winning, he celebrated with a drink, saying, “Ladies and gentlemen, looks like the [n-word] wins.  Stupid idiots.”

Clip 1 Wanya shades Kandi Burruss :

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Kandi Burruss says Boyz II Men were the worst artist she has ever worked with :