KEHLANI SPEAKS ON KAALAN WALKER'S RAPE CONVICTION: Kehlani spoke on Kaalan Walker being convicted for multiple counts of rape. The incidents were said to have occurred between 2013 to 2018, and according to the women, they were coerced or lured by the actor. Kehlani, who previously dated the actor, said,”I did not forget who tore down victims of sexual assault when this came out.” She continued, “I did not forget what bloggers and what blogs and what platforms felt like they had to play neutral and give a rapist a platform for the sake of clicks and views when this came out I hope all of y'all beat the f*ck out of your own ass. I hope you eat your f*cking words. This man is going to jail for the rest of his life. Guilty as hell and it's crazy that it took this, it took this, for y'all to believe it, 'cause it should have been believed when all this sh*t came out.” She added, “But I hope you feel like sh*t. I hope you feel like sh*t. And God bless the girls, and thank God that they're getting some form of peace that they have been able to get through this entire f*cking process.”

LAWYERS IN FAITH EVANS AND STEVIE J DROPS STEVIE J DUE TO 'CONFLICTS': According to RadarOnline, court docs say that Stevie J's lawyers dropped him in his ongoing divorce with Faith Evans. Kimia Klein from the law firm Fox Rothschild LLP. In the court documents, Klein wrote the breakdown in their “attorney-client relationship” was due to a “genuine conflict” between the firm and Stevie J.” She said, “Despite several attempts by my office to informally resolve the issues with Steven, we have been unsuccessful in resolving the issues.” The attorney told the court she did not wish to provide any further details on the matter unless they spoke privately. She also said the situation with the reality tv star has escalated to the point where none of her coworkers want to be involved with the case.

HI-FIVE MEMBER RODERICK 'POOH' CLARK DEAD AT 49: Hi Five group member Roderick 'Pooh' Clark died on Easter Sunday (April 17th). He was 49. According to People, the news was announced via Hi-Five's Instagram, saying, “OUR BROTHER OG RODERICK POOH CLARK ????????????????????????? #officialhifive RIH.” A cause of death was not disclosed.