KEHLANI AND YG BREAK UP . . . AGAIN!: Kehlani released a new song called “Valentine’s Day (Shameful)” and it alludes to her being single again on Valentine's Day. She said about the song, “A lot to say a lot to feel valentine’s day (shameful) on my soundcloud now.” On the song, she sings, “I took a risk loving loudly / defended you proudly…the immature me wishes that I could make it known that you should be left alone / don’t deserve words or thoughts from me / I can go heal on my own…Used me for status and the fame and recognition…Wish I didn’t check your text when you was drunk sleep / I’ve seen everything I didn’t want to see / That I needed to see…Hope you live happily ever after with the b*tch…Out on the table your friends and your family, even your label / Everyone love me, d*mn its so shameful / I kept you stable, you should be grateful.” She also alluded to her ex having an substance abuse problem. She sang, “I got to give myself credit for loving as hard as I did / I helped you fight your addiction and change your whole life / Just to find myself played in the end.” Just days before Kehlani released “Valentine's Day,” the couple released “Konclusions”

T- PAIN BUYS 'F*CK T-PAIN SITE': T- Pain found out about a website called '”F*ck T-Pain” — and instead of getting mad, he bought the site so he could make money off of it. He took to Twitter to explain what happened, “k so here’s wht happened. My dawg sent me the f*** link and instead of trying to take it down and hurt the person that put time into making the site. I simply purchased it from them and now all the profit comes to me. Got i? So buy it up!! I’d appreciate it.” He added, “Buying and wearing anything from f*** means you super f*** wit me. Like when your best friend calls you a trash a** b****. You know they truly ride for you.”

IS MONICA GETTING BACK WITH EX SHANNON BROWN?: Rumors are going around that Monica and ex Shannon Brown may be rekindling. According to Ace Showbiz, the two were spotted out together having lunch with Pharrell and Chad of the Neptunes and were wearing their wedding rings. Sources say that the two reconnected after the death of Brown's former teammate Kobe Bryant.