KEYSHIA COLE APOLOGIZES FOR BEING LATE TO VERZUZ BATTLE WITH ASHANTI: Keyshia Cole has apologized for being late to the VERZUZ battle last week with Ashanti. During a live with her friend Elijah Blake, Keyshia revealed that she was having technical and wifi issues on her end. She explained, “I want to apologize for not sitting my ass in that seat, because I was there and I should’ve sat down. I should’ve just sat in the seat, no matter if I felt like the visual wasn’t clear or they said my music wasn’t gonna be right or whatever it was.” When addressing her attitude when she came on screen, she said, “I wear my heart on my sleeve. I’m Keyshia Cole.”

TREY SONGZ GETS INTO ALTERCATION WITH POLICE OFFICER AT CHIEFS GAME: According to TMZ, Trey Songz got into a physical altercation with cop during the KC Chiefs game at the Arrowhead Stadium yesterday (January 24th). In a video of the altercation, you can see the singer and the officer in a struggle. Trey then punches the officer in the head and puts him in a headlock. The officer then pins Trey to a seat. A witness said that the whole thing started when the singer was being heckled by fans who were seated behind him and asked them to chill out. That's when the officer approached Trey and reportedly “went after him.” The singer was caught off guard and started defending himself. Trey was arrested for trespassing, resisting arrest and for assaulting a police officer. He will likely be released tomorrow night.

DANILEIGH APOLOGIZES FOR 'YELLOW BONE' SONG: DaniLeigh has apologized for her new song “Yellow Bone,” which celebrates “light skin baddies.” She said via Instagram, “I feel super misunderstood. My song ‘Yellow Bone Is What He Want’, I think people twisted it into thinking that I’m trying to bash another woman, another skin tone. That was never my intention. I wasn’t brought up like that. I ain’t never looked at my skin as a privilege, I’ve never looked at me as I’m better than somebody bc of my skin tone. ” She continued, “I see brown skin woman flaunt their skin all the time in music, why can’t I talk about mine? It wasn’t something that I looked at so deeply which i can see why people will take it deeply. I understand, and I’m sorry that I wasn’t sensitive to the topic . . .” She added, “I’m not a colorist, I’m not a racist, I date a whole chocolate man , I have beautiful dark skin friends. Skin isn’t something I even see, its not something I look at.”

Keyshia Cole apologizes for being late to VERZUZ battle :