LITTLE RICHARD WILL BE LAID TO REST THIS WEEK: According to Billboard, Little Richard will be laid to rest in a private ceremony on Wednesday, May 20th at Oakwood University, a historically black university in Huntsville, Alabama. According to Richard's close friend, Pastor Bill Minson, Richard — who's given name was Richard Penniman — was an alumnus of the university. Little Richard died of bone cancer on May 9th at age 87. 

R. KELLY DENIED THIRD ATTEMPT FOR EARLY RELEASE DUE TO COVID-19: A judge has denied R. Kelly's third attempt to a temporary release from jail due to the COVID-19 pandemic. According to TMZ, US District Judge Ann Donnelly says she doesn’t agree that R. Kelly‘s prediabetes diagnosis is enough to set him free. In legal docs, she said, “While CDC has identified diabetes as a risk factor for COVID-19, the same is not true for prediabetes, a condition that affects nearly one in three American adults.” Apparently, attempts have been made by doctors at the prison to “implement lifestyle changes like a better diet and exercise, to ensure Kelly’s safety while incarcerated.” Meanwhile, CBS News reports that Judge Ann Donnelly says that the “I Admit” singer is a flight risk.

CHRIS BROWN PENS BIRTHDAY TRIBUTE TO GIRLFRIEND AMMIKA HARRIS: This past weekend, Chris Brown posted a sweet message to Ammika Harris on her 27th birthday. He wrote, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY BOO. THE ONLY OTHER PERSON THAT LOOKS AT YOU THE WAY I DO IS AEKO… WHEN WE FIRST MET I GOT ON YA NERVES…you told me I talk too much… SO THEN I SHUT THE F*CK UP AND STARTED LISTENING!” He added, “YOU ARE LIGHT, YOU ARE LOVE, and you are BEAUTY. THIS YO DAY…. I LOVE YOU ❤💕 TELL MOMS THANK YOU! @ammikaaa.” Ammika and Chris welcomed their son Aeko in November.

FANS ARE SHOCKED BY SUMMER WALKER'S APPEARANCE: Summer Walker announced that she will be releasing a new EP soon, but fans were distracted by her new appearance . The announcement post featured Summer in the studio sporting full glam and a white cutout jumpsuit. One fan wrote, “Did she get more work done?” asked one fan. “U don’t look like you summer 🤦‍." It seems to be makeup contouring because the singer posted a makeup free video looking more like herself yesterday (May 17th). 

TAMAR BRAXTON IS A STRUGGLING VEGAN: Tamar Braxton has opened up about some of the struggles she's been going through during quarantine. She said during a live on IG, “I’m going to be a 100 percent transparent. I feel like I’ve been masking all of my feelings.  I haven’t had water until yesterday. I’m masking my feelings with food, with television, with looking at other people’s pages." She continued, “I be hopping back and forth off of people’s lives. Almost like I’m trying to find myself when I know who I am. You know who you are,” she added. “I hate who I have become in these past five and a half-six weeks! I’ve been closet eating in quarantine. So why are we trying to find ourselves through other people and through other things such as food?” She added, “Been a vegan for 7 days… I swear I’ve never wanted lemon pepper wings from Wing Stop so bad.”