MARIAH CAREY TO RELEASE MEMOIR IN SEPTEMBER: Mariah Carey officially announced her memoir, titled The Meaning of Mariah Carey, will be released on September 29th. The singer made the announcement on Twitter alongside the book’s cover. Carey wrote the memoir with Michaela Angela Davis. Carey said that the book allows her to tell things from her perspective and is unfiltered. “The Meaning of Mariah Carey” will be published by Andy Cohen Books, an imprint at Henry Holt & Company. Pre-orders are available.

IS SZA 'A QUEEN OF R&B'?: Social media had a field day yesterday (July 9th) after SZA revealed that people called her “a queen of R&B.” She tweeted, “I spent too much time growing up on just as much Imogen Heap, and listening to Comfort Eagle by Cake and vibing for people to call me a ‘queen of R&B’. Why can’t I just be a queen, period?” Of course people had something to say. One person tweeted, “SZA ?? Queen of R&B ?? Y’all just be saying anything nowadays. This generation is such a disgrace smh.” Another wrote, “Who gassed up SZA calling her the Queen of R&B?”

CHRIS BROWN ANNOUNCES 10TH STUDIO ALBUM: Chris Brown has announced the title of his upcoming album. He wrote via Instagram yesterday (July 9th), “My 10th studio album will be called …… ‘BREEZY.'” That is the singer's nickname. No word on when the project will be released.