MICHAEL JACKSON'S FAMILY SAYS MARTIN BASHIR TRICKED HIM INTO DOCUMENTARY:  According to TMZ, Michael Jackson's family says that Martin Bashir tricked Michael into doing the 2003 documentary Living with Michael Jackson. Michael's nephew Taj and brother have accused Bashir of implementing “unethical journalism,” and said the footage had been “manipulated.” Jackson’s nephew Taj went so far as to blame Bashir for Michael’s death. He said Bashir’s trickery was one of the main reasons why “my uncle Michael is not here today.” He added that “the 2005 trial broke him. Shame on those who provided cover for Bashir. Shame on those who rewarded him. My family deserves an investigation & apology too.” The family added that “Bashir never kept promises, including an agreement to edit out material Michael didn’t want in. He used the Diana letter to gain Michael’s trust, but ended up betraying him.”

FANTASIA GIVES BIRTH TO A BABY GIRL: Fantasia gave birth to her third child, a baby girl named Keziah Taylor. The singer announced the baby's arrival in an Instagram post. This is the first child for Fantasia and husband Kendall Taylor. The singer has two more children from previous relationships.

JEREMIH JOINS CAST OF 'POWER BOOK IV: FORCE': Singer Jeremih has joined the cast of Power Book IV: Force. Starz announced that the singer will star as Elijah, a high-ranking member of CBI who knows how the drug game is played and isn't afraid to bend the rules. Power Book IV: Force centers on Tommy Egan after he cuts ties and leaves New York for good. No word on the premiere date.