MICHAEL JACKSON’S NEPHEW SEEKING $777K TO FUND DOCUSERIES ABOUT UNCLE: According to Billboard, Michael Jackson’s nephew, Taj Jackson, is seeking $777,000 to fund a docuseries defending his uncle. He told the publication, “I knew I had to be someone out in front fighting for my uncle. I’m not combating Leaving Neverland. I’m doing a documentary about the media’s relationship with my uncle and how they’ve reported certain things as factual that were lies. I’m going to go back all the way to 1993 with the first allegation and uncover that along with the 2005 allegations.” He added that the documentary is going to “debunk” allegations made against his uncle. He also said, “I don’t want someone watching Leaving Neverland a hundred years from now and thinking it’s true. I want there to be a counter argument that debunks everything.” So far, Taj has raised just over $110,000.

TONI BRAXTON ADDRESSES BIRDMAN BREAKUP RUMORS: Toni Braxton has addressed rumors that she and Birdman broke up after she apparently wiped her social media clean of the Cash Money CEO. In fact, under one photo, Toni said, “Starting a new chapter isn’t always an easy choice.” Toni has since recently explained to Entertainment Tonight, “We don’t know what happened. It just kind of [came out of nowhere]. Someone said it, and we were like, ‘Ok, we’ll just ride with it because it’ll give us some privacy. So that’s good. But we’re good.”