MICHELLE WILLIAMS RESPONDS TO WOMEN WANTING TO CANCEL 'CATER 2 U': Michelle Williams has reacted to women wanting to cancel Destiny's Child's hit "Cater 2 U" for being a "slavery song" 17 years after its release. In an Instagram video, Michelle said, “I just read that y’all wanna cancel the song ‘Cater 2 U’ by Destiny’s Child.  Oh honey, you didn’t discern who you were catering to and you gave your little pearls to swine don’t be mad at Destiny’s Child. Uh uh.”

ONLYFANS MODEL EXPOSES TREY SONGZ: OnlyFans model Dime Racks went viral on social media yesterday (June 14th) after posting photos of Trey Songz in her bed. The singer was seen sleeping under a blanket, and she captioned the clip “Big A** F**king Baby." In another video, the singer was lying shirtless while staring at the camera. She captioned the clip “Mad a** lmfao." After going viral, Dime Racks later clarified her relationship with Trey, saying, that the singer was her "friend" “nothing more, nothing less,” and apologized for posting the videos featuring him. Trey later responded in his own IG Story by posting a photo of himself lip-syncing to Shaggy’s “It Wasn’t Me”.  Dime Racks responded, “Now you want to try me being funny people are sending me what you just posted on your Instagram now I’m bout to be even [pettier]. Got the right b***h I’m posting everything now.  I’m making a joke of it. Don’t be extra. It’s obviously me.”