MONICA SAYS SHE AND BRANDY WILL HAVE AN IN-DEPTH CONVERSATION ABOUT THEIR BEEF: In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Monica said that she and Brandy will have an in-depth conversation about their beef prior to their VERZUZ battle tomorrow (August 31st). Monica said about their hit “The Boy Is Mine,” “When we did the song, we didn’t overthink it.” She said that after the song became a hit, the fake feud between the two became real. She explained, “It was not something that I would say was anyone’s fault. We all added to it and after a while it became real.” Even after they teamed up again in 2012, there were still rumors that they weren’t getting along. Monica said that she doesn’t like “the idea of our issues overshadowing how great of a song it really was and how much of a blessing it was for both of us to be a part of it.” Monica said that she thinks their feud will finally end with the VERZUZ battle. She explained, “We’ve long removed ourselves from the dramatics of it but we’re gonna have a very in-depth conversation that may possibly be shared even with the audience because there’s a lot that happens, the fans have no idea what really took place, what really caused the initial friction.” (B Scott)

TONI BRAXTON REGRETS NOT BEING WILDER WHEN SHE WAS YOUNGER: Toni Braxton says she regrets not having a lot of sex, not smoking or drinking when she was younger. In an interview with The Guardian, the singer said, “I regret not having more sex when I was younger. I should have drank more. I should have partied more. Smoked more, even. I think my religious upbringing stopped me doing a lot of things that I should have done. It’s not a good look at the age I am now. The way it works is you do that stuff in your 20s and 30s and then in your 40s you’ve earned enough to pay for the therapy.” She continued, “I wouldn’t say I was religious, but I am spiritual. I believe in a greater force. When I was seven, my family became very religious. We were Jehovah’s Witnesses; we were Catholic – we tried everything before settling on United Methodist. I asked my mom once what they were searching for and she just replied: ‘It was the 70s.’ The 70s were a very religious era. I think a lot of people were looking for the right path.” (The Jasmine Brand)

TINASHE OPENS UP ABOUT BEING BISEXUAL: Tinashe has opened up about being bisexual. The singer — who is on the cover of the Autumn 2020 issue of UK Magazine, Gay Times, said that althoughs he never really labeled herself in the past, she is now comfortable calling herself bi. She explained, “It’s not that I don’t like putting a label on it. But when you say you’re bisexual, a lot of people think… they just have a lack of understanding about what it is. And I tend to shy away from terms—I guess this is the theme of my life—that make people want to categorize me or put me in a box.” She continued, “I don’t like that sh*t. But—but—I can still give you a general sense of yeah, I’m bisexual. I’m somewhere on the spectrum. You know?” (Rap Up)

R. KELLY’S LAWYER WANTS HIM RELEASED FROM JAIL AFTER ATTACK: R. Kelly‘s lawyer Steve Greenberg wants him released from jail after the singer was attacked by an inmate at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Chicago. According to The Blast, Greenberg said, “Yesterday we were told that an inmate had attacked R Kelly at the MCC in Chicago. We received conflicting reports as to the extent of his injuries. We have not been provided any information from the jail, nor has Mr. Kelly called. We are hopeful that he was not seriously injured.” He continued, “Regardless, it is time to release Mr. Kelly. The government cannot ensure his safety, and they cannot give him his day in court. We should not incarcerate people indefinitely because we cannot provide them with due process!” (VLAD TV)