SHANNON BROWN SAYS MONICA IS HIS 'FOREVER VALENTINE': Over the weekend, Shannon Brown did a radio interview and hinted that he and Monica may be working things out. When asked if he wanted to get back with his ex-wife, he said, “She's like my forever Valentine. See, I'm going to get sentimental again. She's just a huge part of how I think about love, I guess. She show love, I try to show it back.” When asked if he hopes that they can reconcile, he said “I mean you know, I think it's a little pavement that I can get into.” As previously reported, Shannon and Monica have recently been seen wearing their wedding rings.

SUMMER WALKER REACTS TO BACKLASH OVER HIV COMMENTS: Summer Walker has responded to the backlash she received after making comments about HIV. In a post on her Instagram Stories, she said, “Whoever stole my laptop off that LA flight last night can suck a fat stanking uncercumsized HIV Infested d*ck.” After being accused of shaming people with HIV, the singer said, “Idc if I’m ‘canceled’ I offend someone everyday wtf is new.”