QUINCY JONES LOSES MILLIONS ON MICHAEL JACKSON VERDICT APPEAL: Quincy Jones has lost millions in his lawsuit involving the late Michael Jackson. As previously reported, in 2017, Jones was awarded $9.4 million dollars against the pop star’s estate for royalties and production fees he was reportedly owed. Then yesterday (May 5th), a California appeals court overturned the 2017 verdict, citing that “the jury misinterpreted a contract that it was the judge’s job to interpret anyway.” The verdict also noted that “The appeals court found that the jury wrongly granted Jones money from licensing fees, wrongly went beyond the 10% royalty rate Jones was owed for record sales, and incorrectly granted Jones money for remixes of Jackson’s master recordings.” However, Quincy Jones was able to keep a $2.5 million dollar award he claimed he was owed for the use of his masters in “This Is It” and other fees. Jones said in a statement at the time of the verdict that the lawsuit “was never about Michael, it was about protecting the integrity of the work we all did.”

TEDDY RILEY SAYS THAT HE HAD BEEF WITH BOBBY BROWN WHILE RECORDING 'MY PREROGATIVE': In a recent podcast interview, Teddy Riley revealed that he was beefing with Bobby Brown when they recorded “My Prerogative.” Riley said, “Actually for ‘My Prerogative,’ we did it at the house. He sung it just like how we wanted it. We was bull crapping around and that’s how it’s supposed to be. You’ve got to keep that same thing when you get to the studio.” Riley continued, “The problem was when we got to the studio and it was time to sing, he wanted to go on tenor only mode. I was like, ‘This song is too high for some tenor only mode."” He said that Bobby gave him a problem and Riley told him “Well, listen. We don’t have to do this’ and then Bobby walked out on me… I was like, ‘I could take this song and give it to someone else.’ But this was made strictly for him.” Bobby later returned to the studio and made the record. Riley said, “I’m so glad it frustrated him, because it came out on the record. It sounded like he was determined for people to stay out of his business. It’s my prerogative and you felt it.”