YOUTUBE REMOVES R. KELLY CHANNELS AFTER SEX TRAFFICKING CONVICTION: YouTube has permanently removed two of R. Kelly's channels RKelly TV and RKelly Vevo after being found guilty of sex traffcking last week. He willnot be able to create any new channels moving forward. YouTube Music, however, will still offer R. Kelly’s channels.  RKellyTV had 3.5 million subscribers and RKellyVevo had about 1.6 million subscribers. They were removed on Tuesday citing a violation of its terms of service.

CHRIS BROWN AND DRAKE SUED OVER 'NO GUIDANCE': Chris Brown and Drake are being sued over their hit "No Guidance." According to TMZ, in a new lawsuit, Brandon Cooper, who goes by the stage name Mr. Cooper and Timothy Valentine aka Drum’n Skillz have claimed that "No Guidance" is a rip off of their track "I Love Your Dress." The duo claim they dropped their songs three yeras before Chris and Drake's track dropped. The duo claim their track has the lyrics … “She got it; she got it” repeated 16 times while CB’s and Drake’s has “You got it, girl; you got it” at least 11 times. They are suing for copyright infringement and they are seeking major damages.

THE WEEKND SAYS HIS NEW ALBUM IS COMPLETE: The Weeknd has announced that his new album is done. During Monday’s (October 4th) episode of his Apple Music show “Memento Mori,” he said, “Some Dawn updates… Album is complete." He continued, Only thing missing is a couple characters that are key to the narrative. Some people that are near and dear to me, some people that inspired my life as a child…and some that inspire me now.” He added, “More to come in the following months.”

KELIS' HUSBAND HAS BEEN DIAGNOSED WITH STAGE FOUR CANCER: Kelis husband Mike Mora has been diagnosed with stage four stomach cancer. Mora revealed the news on Instagram, posting a photo, along with the caption, "This picture was taken as I was being transferred to the oncology section of UCLA Santa Monica from nearby Ronald Reagan hospital. This gentleman, Latin brotha, saw how weak I was. He looked back at me before leaving my room and said 'I’ve seen people make it out of the craziest situations, be strong brotha, you got this'… They said 18 months. It’s been exactly 12." Mora shared in another post, "Many hours thinking of what the right thing to do is. Not because of a selfish reason .not because I want people to feel bad or sorry for me and my family.  I am posting this because life is full of the most unexpected situations. I never thought this could happen to me. At just 36, with 3 kiddos, and a wife that loves me. I want to be able to help those that might be experiencing something like this- a life altering disease full of questions and doubt- maybe, hopefully."