FEDS WANT TO MAKE SURE JURORS ARE PROTECTED IN R. KELLY CASE: According to TMZ, the feds in R. Kelly's case want to keep potential jurors protected — even by armed guards at times because they believe the singer's team posted a threat to jurors. The feds filed legal docs in the Eastern District of NY requesting the jurors remain anonymous and partially sequestered because they fear Kelly's team could harrass with the jurors. 

K.MICHELLE ACCUSED OF BEING ABUSIVE AND HOMOPHOBIC TOWARDS STYLIST: According to Hot New Hip Hop, K. Michelle has been accused of being abusive and homophobic towards a stylist on the set of her "Supahood (Remix)" music video with Kash Doll and Yung Miami. The stylist, Hollywood Larry,  revealed in a video that has been circulating on Twitter, "I styled Kimberly for this video. She publicly humiliated me, threw a flower vase at me and still has unpaid invoices…" He later added, "She f*cked up though… Really don’t need that video on my resume! Mind you I’d barely recovered from a near death car accident. Literally no teeth, forced to wear a mask (pre-Covid) and on a cane with a limp. She dgaf. Babygirl hail married that mf, unbothered!… I’m not going to tell you about the very extreme homophobic comments she made. Video looked great though!"

ERYKAH BADU: 'MY P*SSY IS THE FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH': Erykah Badu reacted to a meme that was circulating of her and Jada PinkettSmith. The meme features of pic of the two women, along with the caption, "If 'This P*SSY will f*ck yo life up' was a person." Erykah retweeted and commented, "How I get in it?" She added, "I got Midas p*ssy. My p*ssy give you 3 wishes. My p*ssy put you on the Forbes list. My p*ssy is the fountain of youth." She then plugged her incense, "Badu p*ssy," saying, "My p*ssy sold out in 9 minutes. My p*ssy cure ailments. My p*ssyvBk on sale FRIDAY!! Y’all trippin. Google me."