R. KELLY ASSOCIATES ARRESTED FOR ALLEGEDLY BRIBING AND THREATENING VICTIMS: TMZ has reported that three people associated with R. Kelly have been arrested for allegedly bribing or threatening victims in his case. Criminal complaints have been filed against 31-year-old Richard Arline Jr., 45-year-old Donnell Russell and 37-year-old Michael Williams as Federal prosecutors say they have charged the men in separate schemes to harass, intimidate and bribe the alleged victims of R&B singer R. Kelly. Arline Jr. has allegedly offred a victim $500,000 to keep her from cooperating with the government. In a recorded call, he was heard saying, “If I had a way to talk to Rob (Kelly), being next to him and telling him what’s going on, without nobody listening to, no feds, nobody, he gonna pay her . . . off to be quiet.” He added that she”got too much. She got too much.” Meanwhile, Russell — who is a manger and advisor of Kelly, has threatened to reveal sexually explicit photos of one victim to the public if she did not end her lawsuit. And Williams has been accused of setting R. Kelly's ex Azriel Clary's SUV on fire. (The Jasmine Brand)

LETOYA LUCKETT HUSBAND ACCUSED OF CHEATING; SIDE CHICK THREATENS TO RELEASE VIDEOS: LeToya Luckett's husband Tommicus Walker has been accused of cheating on her with another woman — and the woman says she has videos. According to The ShadeRoom, the woman is an Instagram model from Dallas. The woman approached the blog with a video of a man who resembled Walker sleeping in a hotel room. Then another video that appeared to have been after they had sex. The Shade Room says that the man in the video “closely resembles” Walker and even has a very similar tattoo on his leg that reads “Ruby.” The woman has also claimed that she is not the only woman Walker has been creeping around with. Meanwhile, LeToya is pregnant with their second child. (B Scott)

LAURYN HILL'S EX ROHAN MARLEY APOLOGIZES TO THEIR DAUGHTER FOR HER CHILDHOOD TRAUMA: Lauryn Hill's ex Rohan Marley has apologized to their 21-year-old daughter Selah, who did an Instagram Live about her traumatic childhood. According to Ace Showbiz, Marley said, “Selah’s expression on Instagram is a healing process for her. I’m very happy that she is fearless in her expression.” He continued, “I love her very much and do apologize for any contributions I may have added by arguing in front of her as a child. I’ve grown as a man, a spiritual being and a father. I am constantly growing and will teach my children to always take the higher road in any disagreements. I will be there for her no matter how many hours, days, months or years it will take. I will be the best Dad that I can be. One Love.” (Global Grind)

JILL SCOTT SET TO PLAY MAHALIA JACKSON IN BIOPIC: Reports say that Jill Scott is set to play the Queen of Gospel Mahalia Jackson in her biopic Mahalia!. The biopic is executive produced by Jamie Foxx, Queen Latifah and her partner Shakim Compere, along with Clark Sisters executive producer Holly Carter. In a press release, Latifah said, “This is such an incredibly important story to tell and we’re thrilled to work with Jamie on the project. Shakim and I are also looking forward to reteaming with our Clark Sisters producing partner, Holly Carter, to share Mahalia’s inspiring journey to becoming the Queen of Gospel music.” (ShadeRoom)

AKON SAYS BLACK AMERICANS 'JUST GOTTA LET SLAVERY GO': In a recent interview with VLAD TV, Akon says that Black Americans need to just get over slavery. He said, “In Senegal, we’ve kind of overcome the thought of slavery, we don’t even think about it. The only time we think about it, honestly, is when we’re doing tours at Goree Island. Outside of that, people have lived and moved way beyond the slavery concept and idea and mind state.” He continued, “I think it’s the art of just letting the past go and moving towards the future. And I think, in the U.S., they have this stigma of just not letting go of the past and blaming the past on every mishap or, you know, disappointment. I think as long as you hold onto that past, there’s a lot of weight that you carry with you everywhere you go. It’s hard to move forward and move fast when you got a weight on your back. You just gotta let it go.” When Vlad said that it is hard to get past slavery in America because Black people have yet to receive reparations, Akon responded, “Yea but, unfortunately man, It’s not like America is going to take the initiative to do it. I mean otherwise, they would have done it already. Indians got reparations, the Jews got reparations for the Holocaust and it wasn’t even done in America. Italians got reparations, the Japanese got reparations.” (VLAD TV)