R. KELLY'S ALLEGED MANAGER CHARGED WITH THREATENING TO SHOOT UP 'SURVIVING R. KELLY' SCREENING: R. Kelly's alleged manager Donnell Russell has been charged by the U.S. Department of Justice for allegedly threatening to shoot up the Surviving R. Kelly screening back in December 2018. According to TMZ, Russell has admitted to first sending a cease and desist letter to try to end the screening but when that failed, he allegedly phoned in the shooting threat, which ended the event. Russell has been charged with one count of conspiracy to threaten physical harm and 1 count of threatening physical harm. Each charge carries a max sentence of 5 years in prison. (B Scott)

RIHANNA SHARES ANTI-TRUMP ARTWORK: Rihanna posted a pic of Anti-Trump artwork on to her Instagram page. According to Rap-Up, the singer visited Cadillac Ranch, a public art installation in Amarillo, Texas and she wrote “F**k Trump” in graffiti on one of the 10 vintage Cadillacs. She captioned the pic “Art. #81 Days.” Ex Chris Brown commented on the colorful pic with the Ok hand emoji. (Rap-Up)

SUMMER WALKER SHUTS DOWN JAGUAR WRIGHT FOR INSINUATING THAT SHE HAS BEEN 'TOUCHED' IN THE MUSIC INDUSTRY: Summer Walker took to Instagram to respond to Jaguar Wright's claims that she was raped in the music industry and that's why she suffers from social anxiety. Wright said in a video, “My advice to any female who wants to get into this business? Have a thick skin, do not drink alcohol. Never get high in front of anybody. Keep somebody close to you that you know at all times, Summer. Has anybody bothered to ask why she all of a sudden become claustrophobic and couldn’t perform anymore? Because she had anxiety? Yeah, she got anxiety cause somebody touched her.” She added, “I don’t know it for a fact but I see it in – I know the sound.” Walker rersponded, “I ain’t never been 'touched,' I’m a child of God,” Walker began. “I’m highly protected and highly favored honey ain’t nothing EVER happened to me, fortunately, I’ve been beyond blessed enough to never have to experience no sh*t like that.” She continued, “I’m a highly intelligent introvert and PREFER to not interact with plp cause a a lot mf’s throwed off, like you, your a prime example of why I don’t have time.” (Hip Hop DX)