R.KELLY'S LAWYER SAY SHE IS 'SOCIAL DISTANCING' IN JAIL DUE TO THE CORONAVIRUS: R. Kelly's lawyer Steve Greenberg has revealed that the singer is currently social distancing in jail due to the coronavirus. Greenberg told Vulture, “I think it’s fair to say that he’s trying to follow the same advice as the rest of us, and be smart, and you know, stay away from others. He’s practicing whatever level of social distancing you can practice in jail.” He continued, “He’s concerned because he’s in probably the worst possible situation, in terms of social distancing, that you could be in.” Greenberg added “He is not in isolation, nor has he asked to be put in any isolation. He generally stays in his cell as much as possible, so that’s sort of like the rest of us who are living at home. I don’t know that you can totally isolate.” R. Kelly reportedly has a cellmate.

TAMAR BRAXTON EXTENDS AN OLIVE BRANCH TO ADRIENNE HOUGHTON: Yesterday, Tamar Braxton extended another olive branch to former The Real co-host and friend Adrienne Houghton. Tamar participated in Tyler Perry's #HesGottheWholeWorldChallenge where he asks different musicians to sing, “He’s Got The Whole World In His Hands” as a way to uplift people during these trying times. Tamar participated and tagged several celebrities, including Adrienne.  She wrote, "Even when we don’t have ourselves, My Dear God, You are the ONLY thing that has got us. We are depending on you. YOU are the only one who can fix this. This here is bigger than all of us……BUT you are BIGGER 🙏🏼 #HesGottheWholeWorldChallenge #GodBless #SingForHim @tylerperry With love tagging @adriennebailon, @majorgirl, @tiwasavage, @mariahcarey & @tonibraxton to join this challenge with me! ♥" Tamar later wrote, "Crystal ball I feel that its the time to get along with everyone. I don’t even have a feeling about people who wronged me in the past. I’m at the point in my life that if that’s your energy that’s on you. NOTHING or NO ONE is going to Dim the light that’s over me. That is mine. SparklesCrownFour leaf clover."  Adrienne responded by thanking Tamar and singing "He's Got The Whole World In His Hands" with her husband Israel Houghton.