R. KELLY TRIAL JUROR EXCUSED AFTER SUFFERING A PANIC ATTACK: According to Hot New Hip Hop, during Monday’s hearing at R. Kelly’s ongoing sexual abuse trial, a young, female juror was reportedly excused from the court by thae judge after suffering a panic attack during a break in proceedings. The unidentified, white woman who works for a public library, was excused by Judge Harry Leinenweber, hours into closing arguments from prosecutors and defense attorneys.  Before replacing the woman with a White man juror, the U.S. District Judge shared with the courts, "I’ve been advised she said she can’t go on one minute more."



USHER TO RELEASE 25TH ANNIVERSARY ‘MY WAY’ DELUXE EDITION & YOUTUBE DOCUMENTARY: Usher has revealed that he is set to release the 25th anniversary My Way Deluxe Edition album, along with an accompanying Youtube documentary.  During the trailer of the mini documentary, he said about the album,  “It was the first time as an artist that I just felt confident enough to tell anybody: This is what I want to do. This is where I’m at. This is who I am,” the singer explained in the trailer for 25 Years ‘My Way.’ He added, “This is 25 years of an incredible moment in history.” The My Way Deluxe Edition & Youtube documentary is due out on September 16th.


RAZ B RELEASES STATEMENT AFTER REVEALING POLICE CAME TO HIS HOME: B2K singer Raz B took to social media to release a statement after telling fans he needed help because cops were in his home. He said, “The police are at my door. They walked past my doorstep. I need help. I'm not safe, the f***ing police- call everybody you know, the police just walked in my crib." He later released a statement, saying, “I would like to personally thank all my fans and supporters for helping me and being concerned about my well-being.” Raz B added that he was locked out of his apartment, and a neighbor alerted the police when they saw Raz B breaking into his unit. He added, "I was able to speak with the police chief and explain the situation. He was an angel and all is well now. You can only imagine how I felt being an African-American male in today's society, and you have the police randomly knock on your door in the middle of the night."