OPENING STATEMENTS BEGIN IN R. KELLY'S CHICAGO TRIAL: Opening statements began in the R. Kelly Chicago federal trial yesteday (August 17th). The singer is facing charges of child pornography and obstruction of justice relating to a 2008 case of a similar nature involving five victims. Yesterday (August 17th), the court heard the case's opening statements from the defendant and plaintiff. Prosecutors began the hearing with the following: “The defendant, Robert Kelly, had sex with multiple children. He made videotapes of himself having sex with children.” The prosecutor also pointed to two of Kelly's co-defendants, ex-associates who allegedly knew of his crimes and helped cover them up. Meanwhile, the prosecution's opening statements also mentioned “Jane,” the main accuser from the 2008 case that was allegedly videotaped multiple times having encounters with Kelly sincethe age of 14. They also confirmed Jane will testify in this case.

DOES CHRIS BROWN DESERVE A STAR ON THE HOLLYWOOD WALK OF FAME: Chris Brown took to social media to ask his fans a question: “Do you think I've done enough to get a Hollywood star?” Most people responded with “yes,” while others were surprised that he doesn't have one already. Others speculated that Brown's controversies are what has held him back.