RAY J AND PRINCESS ARE CALLING IT QUITS: Ray J and Princess Love are officially calling it quits. According to TMZ, Princess filed for divorce on Tuesday (May 5th) in Los Angeles. The two have been living separatedly since February and hadn't reconciled since Princess claimed that Ray J left her and daughter Melody stranded after a fight. The two have been married since 2016 and they have two children, Melody and son Epik, who was born in January.

KEHLANI SAYS DRAKE HELPED NAME HER ALBUM: During a a recent radio interview, Kehlani revealed that Drake helped her name her new album It Was Good Until It Wasn't. During a trip to Canada to finish her albun, she met up with Drake. She said they were having a "life conversation," Kehlani used the phrase while talking about her personal life. She explained, “We were talking about the old music, talking about what we were both about to do. And I was just talking about personal life and I was just like, ‘Man, yeah, it was good until it wasn’t.’ And he was like, ‘Say that sh*t again.'” She continued, “He was like, ‘That’s your album.’ And I was like, ‘You might be right,’ because that just summed up everything when I try to have this really long-winded explanation to you about the project.” She added, “Shout out to that guy for catching that one ’cause that would’ve been just something that I said." It Was Good Until It Wasn’t is out now.

BRANDY ANNOUNCES NEW ALBUM 'B7': Brandy has announced that her seventh studio album b7 will arrive this summer. The album will be released on July 31st.

KELLY ROWLAND SAYS A SPICY SEX LIFE KEEPS HER MARRIAGE HEALTHY: Kelly Rowland says that she and her husband Tim Weatherspoon have a spicy sex life and that keeps the marriage healthy. She told People, “As far as sex is concerned, I’m like, ‘Well, if I have to play dress up and do role-play, honey, if I need to be Alicia tonight and give you a surprise in the middle of the night or something then it needs to happen." She added, "We spice things up a bit and keep it fun.When we met each other, we had fun. Two years from now, we’ll have fun. I think if you hold that close to you, it can always show itself in your relationship.” She also revealed that her and her husband go to couples therapy every week.