RIHANNA CELEBRATES 32ND BIRTHDAY IN MEXICO: Rihanna celebrated her 32nd birthday in Mexico with close friends on Wednesday night (February 19th). Guests included her brothers Rorrey and Rajad, best friends Melissa Ford and Jenn Rosales and more. A source told E! News, “Rihanna is having a birthday celebration in Mexico. She invited her friends and family down to celebrate turning 32 with her. They had a dinner party on Wednesday night with dinner and dancing. Everyone was welcomed to the party with a line of mariachis performing and Tequila shots passed around.”

DAWN RICHARD SAYS DIDDY USED TO TELL DANITY KANE: 'YOU'RE UGLY' TO HELP BUILD THICK SKIN: In a recent interview, Dawn Richard revealed that Diddy had unconventional way to prepare Danity Kane for the brutal music industry. She told Wild Wayne Unchained, “He would bring us in the room and say, ‘You’re ugly. You gotta fix your face.’ Wild stuff. But he was preparing us for what the industry would be. But if we would have done what we did in this time, Puff would have been crucified. Because you can’t talk to women now — what he was saying, it was aggressive. It was really aggressive. It was crazy.” That being said, Dawn said that she appreciates the lessons she's learned from working with Diddy, saying, “This is what I appreciate about him. He’s exactly who everyone thinks he is. He didn’t change. He was exactly what I thought he would be. He gave me an opportunity and it was up to me to figure out what to do with that. He didn’t owe me anything, nobody really does in this industry. You’ve got to figure that out for yourself. If you’re smart, you’ll make an opportunity happen for yourself.” She added, “Puff, it was not all great, but man did he teach me to have the tools to be ready; lessons, bread crumbs that I will take. If I’m going to take the risk, I’m okay with whatever the outcome because I can create it. It doesn’t matter where it falls, it can be done. And if I’m going to do it, I’m going to do it at the best of my ability so that no matter if no one loves it, they can’t say it wasn’t of quality.”