BOUNCER REFUSED TO LET RIHANNA INTO AN NYC CLUB BECAUSE SHE FORGOT HER ID: A bouncer at a NYC nightclub refused to let Rihanna in after she forgot to bring her ID. Pop Faction obtained video of the singer outside of the bar with boyfriend A$AP Rocky trying to get in the club. Meanwhile, fans also noticed that Rihanna has covered the matching shark tattoo that she got with Drake back when they were dating in 2016.

MARY J. BLIGE WON'T BE DOING A VERZUZ BATTLE: Mary J. Blige shut down rumors that she was going to be doing a Verzuz battle with Toni Braxton. During a radio interview, she said, “I don't know what a Verzuz would do for me.” She added, “I'm not sure what a Verzuz could do for Mary J. Blige right now, but um, right now, it's not something that's on the top of my list.”

SEAN KINGSTON CHEATED ON AN EX WHILE SHE WAS IN THE SAME HOUSE: Sean Kingston has revealed that he once cheated on an ex while she was in the same house. During an interview with the Lip Service podcast, he said, “I ain’t gon’ lie, I did some s**t where she was upstairs and I was f***ing another girl downstairs. But she made me so mad to that point–and that’s the only time I ever cheated in a relationship, ’cause I don’t cheat. But she made it so bad–she hacked my iCloud, she hacked my f***ing Instagram, she hacked all types of s**t, bro. Like imagine…” He continued, “I did it so smooth though. How I did it was immaculate! Like she was upstairs, thought I was downstairs with the guys recording, she didn’t know nothing was going down. I mean, I was just down there vibing!”

STEPHANIE MILLS SAYS SHE AND CHAKA KHAN WANTED TO DO A VERZUZ BUT VERZUZ WASN'T INTERESTED: During a radio interview, Stephanie Mills revealed that she and Chaka Khan wanted to do a Verzuz battle but Verzuz wasn't interested. She said, “We tried. George, who’s Chaka’s manager and my manager reached out to them but they weren’t interested.” She later clarified, “Chaka was interested. We were willing to do it. The Verzuz people weren’t interested. Yeah, they weren’t interested… They were not interested.”

TLC ANNOUNCE 'CRAZY, SEXY, COOL' ANNIVERSARY TOUR: In celebration of the 27th anniversary of Crazy, Sexy, Cool, TLC has announced the Crazy, Sexy, Cool anniversary tour. The tour will begin on September 3rd in Alabama and will make stops in 18 cities before wrapping in Concord, California on October 10th. Bone Thugs In Harmony will serve as special guests. Chili said in a statement, “I’m so excited for this tour because we’ve been talking about doing something special for CrazySexyCool for years and FINALLY, we get to do it! This is the album that truly put us on the map and showed the world who we really are. So, this will be quite the celebration!”