RIHANNA LAUNCHES FENTY BEAUTY HOUSE FOR TIK TOK CREATORS: Rihanna has launched the Fenty Beauty House for TikTok. According to a press release, the house will act as a hub for content creators to come in and create anything their minds can come up with while being provided access to all of the Fenty products you can imagine. TikTok users will be able to “raid the fully stocked ‘Make-up Pantry'” to create their own beauty-focused content with “Fenty Beauty spotlighting their creative excellence along the way."  The Fenty Beauty House itself serves as “a beautiful new space to collaborate, express, learn, and build community.”

NEYO SAYS ESTRANGED WIFE RETURNED HER WEDDING RING WHEN THEY SPLIT: During an interview with Joe Budden, Ne-Yo revealed that estranged wife Crystal Smith returned her wedding ring when they split. The singer spoke on his new song "Pinky Ring" and what inspired it. He explained, “The song is talking about me and how I’m handling what could be a sad situation if I allow it to be that.  I’m looking at it from the positive angle of she gave back the wedding ring, that means I’m not married no more. As opposed to sitting and being sad about it, I’m going to flip it. I’m going to keep it pimping. I’m going to move.” Budden said that he was surprised that she actually gave the ring back, Ne-Yo said, “She’s never been petty like that. She’s never been money petty like that. That’s not her.” On why they broke up, he said, " . . . I will say that neither one of us was exactly who we needed to be in order for this to last, and that’s why it didn’t. Bottom line,” he said. “I own mine, she owns hers, and the craziest thing is there’s no beef, there’s no animosity there’s no love last because we both understand that.”