RIHANNA SHUT DOWN GLOBAL SALES OF FENTY BRANDS FOR #BLACKOUTTUESDAY: In honor of Blackout Tuesday, Rihanna shut down global sales of her Fenty Brands, including her cosmetics company Fenty Beauty, lingerie line Savage x Fenty, and luxury house FENTY. She wrote, “We ain’t buying sh*t!!! and we ain’t selling sh*t neither!! gang gang! #BLACKOUTTUESDAY AF!!!” 

R. KELLY TO APPEAL JUDGE'S DECISION TO KEEP HIM IN JAIL UNTIL HIS TRIAL BEGINS: According to Bossip, R. Kelly has filed court docs earlier this week, indicating that he planned to ask the judge to be released until his trial once again. Kelly’s lawyers filed court papers saying they intended to appeal Judge Ann Donnelly’s rulings to keep Kelly behind bars until his cases head to trial later this year.  Kelly argued that he should be freed pending trial because he was at higher risk of coronavirus complications, was incarcerated in a jail with questionable medical care and poor hygiene that has resulted in several coronavirus cases.

SZA REVEALS SHE WAS PROFILED AS A RIOTER AT A GROCERY STORE: SZA has revealed that she was recently profiled when she went shopping for food for her dog. She wrote via social media, "I’ve had the WEEIRDDESSST EXPERIENCES TODAY. Another random ass man tried to remove me from a plaza In palisades while attempting to buy dog food for fear I was a 'rioter.' Lol He asked the grocery employee if he was 'okay' after watching him speak w me then told me 2 leave." She continued, "Between the 'lock and load' rhetoric on my neighborhood app + being rushed out of a public space for being considered a rioter …I was in tears. couldn’t even jump up and down how I wanted cause I didn’t wanna look like a 'rioter' to the legion of cops across the street. Smh."