RIHANNA CELEBRATES HER FIRST 'NATIONAL HEROES DAY' IN BARBADOES: Rihanna is celebrating her first National Heroes Day in Barbadoes. As the national hero of her native Barbadoes, she commemorated the first anniversary on Instagram, saying, “My very first #NationalHeroesDay as a National Hero of my country Barbados! What an absolute honor to be amongst such great men and women who have come before me and held this title in commitment to our nation! I will forever cherish these memories and continue to represent the Bajan people and my home Barbados to the fullest!!” She continued, “Love and gratitude to both The Prime Minister, The Honorable Mia Amor Mottley and our President, Her Excellency The Most Honorable Dame Sandra Mason for trusting me with this honor!”

SILK SONIC AND MAXWELL TO PERFORM AT THE 2022 BILLBOARD AWARDS: Silk Sonic and Maxwell are the latest performers announced for the 2022 Billboard Awards. The ceremony, which is set to feature performances from Megan Thee Stallion, Latto, Rauw Alejandro, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Burna Boy, and Icon Award recipient Mary J. Blige. The Billboard Music Awards will take place in Las Vegas on May 15th.

KELLY ROWLAND ASSURES FANS DESTINY'S CHILS WOULD NEVER 'PLAY WITH ANYBODY' OVER POTENTIAL REUNION: Kelly Rowland has opened up about a possible Destiny's Child reunion. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Kelly said, “We love everybody so much that we wouldn’t toy with it, but I do think that… you would deserve a surprise. I feel like everything is just so planned so we see it before it happens and we see the process right after it happens. It’s just a lot, like, we deserve spontaneity, we desire to be surprised and I would hope Destiny’s Child would be a pleasant surprise.”

ALICIA KEYS OPENS UP ABOUT HER MENTAL HEALTH JOURNEY: During an interview with Fast Company magazine, Alicia Keys opened up about her mental health journey. She said, “I value myself now, and I think for a lot of years, I didn’t. I learned that in order for me to be the most productive, I have to be well. I prioritize myself in a way that I just didn’t before.” She continued, “I think we all deal with this idea that we’re supposed to be perfect in some way. The same thing happened to me when I was 20. You don’t even know who you are at 20. You’re a little bit of what your mama told you. You’re a little bit of what the world told you. And then you’re supposed to go off into the world.”