RIHANNA COVERS 'VOGUE ITALIA': Rihanna is on the cover of VOGUE Italia. The singer served as the muse, photographer and the stylist for the June 2021 "Do It Yourself" issue. The singer rocked a short pixie cut and Valentino.

SUMMER WALKER CALLS OUT LONDON ON THE TRACK: Summer Walker and producer London On Da Track have broken up again, and the singer has been throwing shots at him on social media.  London started things off with a post that read, “Don’t feel bad about helping someone & then they casually forget when they are in a better situation… A river that forgets its source will dry soon.”  Summer reposted the tweet, saying that the producer had "narcissists vibes." She added, “A man that believes that you are NOTHING without them from the start till the end will never want you to be anything without them." She added that God is her source and for London to don’t ever play himself. She later wrote, "Why would you want the mother of your child to soon 'dry out' so that I can’t provide for her.” London responded by posting, “Talking down on somebody you know to the internet is not respectable. Don’t care who it is.”

DANNY BOY DOESN'T BELIEVE TUPAC TOLD KEYSHIA COLE'S THAT HE WAS LEAVING DEATH ROW: Danny Boy has denied Keyshia Cole's claims that Tupac told her that he was going to leave Death Row to sign with Quincy Jones. In an interview with The Art of Dialogue, former Death Row singer Danny Boy doesn't believe the singer's claims. He said, “He ain’t told her sh*t.  Everybody was close to Pac when he died. Everybody. That’s all you hear. That’s what people do.” He continued, "But Keyshia went up—Pac went up to her. How old was she? Twelve, 13-year-old? He let her hear some sh*t that could have really got him hurt? He wasn’t just gon’ walk and say anything about anybody, especially, ‘I’m finna leave Suge’ in front of a 13-year-old. He ain’t told her sh*t like that.”