RIHANNA SPOTTED SHOOTING MUSIC VIDEO IN LOS ANGELES: Rihanna was trending this past weekend after she was spotted shooting a music video in Los Angeles this past weekend. On Saturday night (October 31st), the singer was spotted walking into the NoMad hotel rocking a fur coat, black mask and Louis Vuitton bag. No word on if the video was for her upcoming album.

THE BRAXTON SISTERS OPENS UP ABOUT TAMAR'S ISSUES WITH THEM: In an interview with Madamenoire, Traci, Trina and Towanda Braxton opened up about their sister Tamar Braxton. Tamar recently accused her sisters and WE TV of capitalizing off of her mental health issues. When asked if they have come to a resolution, Trina said, “Tamar has decided that she wants to keep her life private. And I—we all absolutely respect that. Tamar has a story to tell and hopefully it will help somebody. But Tamar is the only person who can tell Tamar’s story the way she needs it to be told. And we are being respectful of the fact that she wants to tell her story, the way she wants to tell it.” When asked how they felt when Tamar revealed on Tamron Hall that someone in the family exposed that she was sexually abused as a child, she said, Towanda said, “Well, we just have to respect her truth. Everybody has their own truth and again, we are very sensitive where she is emotionally and mentally and we’re just allowing her to just speak her own truth.” Trina added, “And with that Towanda, I’m going to have to say this. I don’t care who likes it and who doesn’t. Sometimes a person’s truth is not always thee truth. But they have to be able to deal with their truth in their own way.”

GOSPEL LEGEND RANCE ALLEN DEAD AT 71: Gospel legend Bishop Rance Allen, who was called “The Father of Contemporary Gospel Music” has died. He was 71. According to Gossip On This, details surrounding his passing aren't available but there's speculation that his death was COVID-19 related. Allen is best known for the song “Something About the Name of Jesus,” which was written by Kirk Franklin. Franklin posted a video about Allen's death on Instagram, saying, “I just woke up to some of the worst news ever. You guys remember that some God gave me several years ago called something about the name Jesus, that had the incredible Rance Allen? Man, we lost Rance Allen. I just got a call that we just lost Rance Allen.”