SUMMER WALKER WILL BE RELEASING AN EP SOON: Summer Walker took to social media to reveal that she will be releasing a new EP soon. She said via IG, “Now that I know these award shows gone play me regardless ima go back to making the soul music I love, EP Coming soon.”

TEMS SPEAKS OUT AGAINST RELIGIOUS CRITICS: Nigerian singer Tems took to Twitter to speak out against religious critics. She wrote, “Thank God for Great counsel. Thank God for good health and growth. Not many can take out time even if they wanted to. They’re doing it cuz they have to. We Thank God. The foundation has been set.” She continued, “I don’t know who needs to hear this but I am not your Christian saviour. I didn’t come here to uphold your beliefs about God. I will not fit into this box you try to put me in. I won’t satisfy you in that area please find the person that will. Or ask yourself why you care.”