SUMMER WALKER IS SINGLE: Summer Walker has announced that she is no longer with boyfriend Larry after a year of dating. After fans was questioning why Larry has been missing from her social media, the pregnant singer wrote, “People been trying to be in my business bad lately, idk why y’all need updates on my life lol like go touch grass but I’ve decided to be single, it’s no hard feelings, Larry is an amazing father there’s just certain things I won’t tolerate, but we’re super duper happy to have all our children & we just living life. he be at every swim class every photoshoot every dr appointment and every baby event. & no I ain’t removing my face Tatt I still have hella love for him.” She continued, “Relax with all that wow she’s still not married. I could’ve been married to either of my child’s fathers, it’s just certain things I won’t tolerate but NOTHING was a mistake I wanted all my children by the age of 25 on PURPOSE & did that. they’re perfect, beautiful & make me happier than I could ever be. But 95% of y’all in the same predicament or worse so save it”

XSCAPE HAS NOT BROKEN UP: Despite rumors, Xscape hasn't broken up. According to TMZ, speculation began once fans noticed LaTocha Scott was missing from their upcoming promo.  Sources say that while LaTocha has not permanently left the group, an incident did prompt her exit from the tour. Reportedly, Xscape recently shot a project with Bravo, which is set to premiere in March and scheduled the tour after. After LaTocha’s husband reportedly had a falling out with the tour’s promoter, the singer asked the group to no longer use him. However, sources say the other members decided to continue business with the promoter, resulting in LaTocha leaving the tour.