T-PAIN SAYS CHRIS BROWN HAS A 'PRINCESS COMPLEX': During an interview with DJ Akademiks, T-Pain weighed in on Chris Brown's underwhelming first week sales of his new album Breezy. He said, “That is my motherfu**in’ ni**a, but I know what his faults are. The Princess Complex is not only when you get what you want, but you get the accolades of a pretty person for doing absolutely fu**ing nothing, and just being pretty.” He continued, “The second that the first real motherfu**er comes to you and says, ‘Hey, you ain’t that fu**in’ pretty,’ it’s over. Breakdown, Twitter outrage, everything.” He continued, “There’s a little princess aspect to it to where it’s like, ‘What the f**k are y’all doing, I’m supposed to be famous. Y’all supposed to be my fans.’ It’s never going to be, ‘What the f**k is wrong with me, or what do I need to change, or how can I approach this differently?"” He added, “Every time he drop, it’s always gone really fu**ing good. Every fu**ing time. So now it’s like, y’all must have done something wrong because I’ve done the same thing that I’ve done every time… ‘Cause it ain’t me. I know what I’m doing. I’m fu**in’ Chris Brown.”

MARIO OPENS UP ABOUT HIS COLLABORATION WITH TORY LANEZ: Mario has opened up about his upcoming collaboration with Tory Lanez after originally criticizing him for allegedly shooting Megan Thee Stallion. He tweeted back in August 2020, “This @theestallion & @torylanez situation got me in awe. Sad AF? Knowing Tory personally this sh*t crazy to me. Black men we gotta learn how to control our ego, anger etc. at some point the switch gotta turn off! Protect black women! Heal black men. Love & respect each other!” During a livestream earlier this week, he said about the collaboration, “As an independent artist doing his thing, it’s a lot of artists that don’t work as hard as he do so regardless of whatever, the music is what it is … the music is what you love people for. If y’all f**k with the music, f**k with it. If you don’t, we’re just gonna keep creating.”

OMARION'S BROTHER O'RYAN BARES IT ALL ON ONLY FANS: Fans are losing their minds after Omarion's brother ORyan bared it all on OnlyFans. ORyan posted naked photos of himself doing jumping jacks and wiping himself off after a shower.

NE-YO ALMOST SIGNED LUCKY DAYE: During an appearance on the FAQ Podcast, Ne-Yo revealed that he almost signed Lucky Daye to his Compound Entertainment imprint in the late 2000s. He said, “He was going by David Brown. We were working. The remix to 'Miss Independent' with me, and Jamie Foxx, and Fab? Jamie Foxx's verse — Lucky Daye wrote that verse. He wrote the verse because it was supposed to be him.” He continued, “I was going on a short little run or whatever, and I let Mr. Daye stay at my house. Now at this point, I have a big beautiful house, and I'm like, 'Bruh, you've got full reign of the crib. You can go wherever you want to go, do whatever you want to do — just don't go in my room.' I come back one morning. Open the door up, I don't see this dude nowhere. I go upstairs to my room. Sure enough, he's asleep with a chick in my bed.” Ne-Yo added, “He had no excuse. What could he say?! I gave you one rule. One. Told you one place you couldn't go. Mind you — big crib. There's rooms, a backyard, whatever. Just don't go in this room. Not only are you in my room, you're in my bed. You in my bed with somebody. At the time, I was upset. I was mad, so that was kind of the end of that whole situation. Like bruh, if you can't follow this simple rule, I don't know if this thing gon' work.”