TAMAR BRAXTON SAYS SHE AND VINCENT HERBERT ARE FRIENDS NOW: Tamar Braxton has revealed that she and her estranged husband, Vincent Herbert, are friends now. However, she admits that they were toxic together. According to The Jasmine Brand, she said, "Vince and I don’t work together anymore but I’m glad I got my friend back. Our relationship is great. Obviously, I never thought I’d be in this situation but I think it’s for the best. I think there’s hope that he’s happy and definitely hope for my own happiness because us together and working together was completely toxic. Our marriage had absolutely no hope after a few years of working together, the way we was working together." 

DAWN RICHARD PUTS BET ON BLAST: Danity Kane member, Dawn Richard, took to Twitter to put BET on blast. After the network praised Ariana Grande's success and mentioned Richard sporting a hairstyle that Grande once wore, Richard responded to the tweet. She wrote, "What really makes me sad is that @BET has never supported my music or that I’m a black woman trying to break barriers for women in animation. Or that I’ve worked on advancing tech via VR and augmented reality. But you post about a ponytail i wore weeks ago and have already worn. Stop pitting females against each other. And stop disrespecting black women by making them out to be followers when they have led in most all pivotal moments in society. K. Bye." BET has since deleted the tweet.