TAMAR BRAXTON'S EX HUSBAND VINCE HERBERT GATHERS DAVID ADEFESO: Tamar Braxton's ex husband Vince Herbert shaded her most recent ex David Adefeso in text messages that were leaked online by Lailah Lynn TV. In the texts, David and Vince had a conversation about David’s behavior toward Tamar, as well as David being part of their son’s life. The alleged messages also reveal that David asked Vince about where he could ship Tamar’s belongings, to which Vince replied he would not be giving him an address for Tamar’s safety. Vince wrote, “We are not friends. And we will never be after hearing how you treated Tamar on Sunday. My conversation with you yesterday was respectful and honest and you never mentioned what you said to her, how you threatened her, then called the police on her as if it wasn’t you on the tape that I heard threatening to kill Logan’s mother.” The text continued, “After I make sure Tamar and Logan’s belongings are cleared out of your home, there is no need to contact you, nor for you to never contact Logan. I trust that you will have her watch that’s in your car, various boxes in Logan’s room, and everything else packed neatly so we can have this done privately and quickly.”

K. MICHELLE REVEALS AUDITIONED FOR 'MERCEDES' ROLE ON 'P-VALLEY': K. Michelle took to Instagram to reveal that she auditioned for the role of “Mercedes” on P-Valley and she almost got the part but it went to actress Brandee Evans. She said she is so hurt about it that she can't really watch the show. She explained, “I can't lie though. That sh*t hurts . . . I've cried about it! I have been hurt, depressed about it for days. For months, you know? That sh*t hurt. I was so close!” K. Michelle added that although she is hurt, she is proud of the show creator Katori Hall and Evans, who are both from her hometown of Memphis, Tennessee.

KELIS GIVES BIRTH TO A BABY GIRL: Kelis announced last week that she has given birth to a baby girl. She said, “Hey, so I’ve been kind of MIA…but for a really good reason cause I just had my baby! It was intense.” She continued, “I had a girl by the way — so I’m very excited about that — it’s my first girl!… I wanted to bring you into my process. I can’t work out for the next six weeks and if I don’t want to resort to wearing spandex for the rest of my life… I want to show you how I plan on getting back into my high-waisted jeans…with just food. No exercise…” This is the second child for Kelis and husband Mike Mora, who share a four-year-old named Shepherd. Kelis also has an 11-year-old son named Knight with ex husband Nas.

CHLOE x HALLE OPEN UP ABOUT WEARING WIGS AFTER BEING CRITICIZED FOR THEIR LOCS AT AUDITIONS: During an Instagram Live with Tina Lawson, Chloe x Halle opned up about wearing wigs after being criticized for their locs when they would go on auditions. Chloe said, “We would go on auditions for these different roles and so a lot of the feedback would be, ‘Oh we like you guys but we don’t want to see the locs.’ So the solution was to, you know, get a wig to go on these auditions with.” Halle added, “We got played okay! Some lady put Troll wigs on us. She was telling us it was the right hair. ‘This is what everybody wears. This is the real deal.’ We look back at the pictures, we looked like Trolls.”