TEDDY RILEY REVEALS THAT HIS BEST FRIEND WAS KILLED DUE TO GUY'S BEEF WITH NEW EDITION: During an upcoming episode of TV One's Uncensored, Teddy Riley reveals that he left Guy after his best friend and security manager Anthony Bee got klled amid beef with New Edition. He said, “My big homie Anthony Bee, he got shot. It was a beef between New Edition camp and Guy’s camp." He continued, “My friend Anthony Bee, got shot four–three or four times by one of New Edition Guys.  I don’t wanna put his name out there because he’s forgiven, he was defending himself. The reason why I quit the group was that I lost my best friend and I couldn’t take the pressure."

QUEEN NAIJA SINGS AT LYRIC CHANEL'S FUNERAL: Queen Naija sang at Lyric Chanel's funeral on Saturday (March 20th). The 13-year-old passed earlier this month after a two year battle with brain cancer. Queen Naija sang "I Won't Complain."

FANS ARE CONVINCED THAT DANILEIGH IS PREGNANT: DaniLeigh shared video of a recent performance and fans are convinced that she is expecting DaBaby's baby. One fan commented on the performance, "awww she’s having a baby..” and another wrote, “I [know] what it feels like when u want ur pregnancy private so, but honey I see ur glow and props for her to still doing her thing while doing so… that is not easy..”