THE WEEKND IS DONATING $1 MILLION TO HUNGER RELIEF IN ETHIOPIA: The Weeknd has announced that he is donating $1 million to hunger relief in Ethiopia. According to TMZ, the money will provide two million meals to those in need of food aid amid the ongoing conflict between the government and the Tigray region.

QUEEN NAIJA SPEAKS OUT REGARDING BACKLASH FROM 'SET HIM UP' FEATURING ARI LENNOX: Queen Naija has responded to backlash she's received after announcing her new collaboration with Ari Lennox “Set Him Up.” The singer tweeted, “lol the fact that people think they can get ‘rid’ of me or take me off my own song is ridiculous. I don’t want nor need y’all’s validation to continue to win! whatever y’all say about or to me cannot stop my blessings. The ratio of people who love me outweighs the hate!” The controversy stems from comments Naija made in a video in 2017, where she shared a story about how she was bullied as a child, calling her attackers “ugly” and “nappy-headed little girls” because they were “jealous” of her hair. She later apologized for the video.

KELLY ROWLAND BROADCASTED HER SON'S BIRTH ON ZOOM: Kelly Rowland has revealed that she broadcasted her son Noah's birth on Zoom. During an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, she told Kalen Allen, “The last time, when I had Titan, my family was in there, and this time they weren’t. Everybody was feeling a way about that, because we like to be at each other’s births. So yeah, we got on Zoom and everyone was there.” Rowland gave birth in January.

RAY J GIVES AN UPDATE ABOUT MARRIAGE TO PRINCESS LOVE: Ray J has given an update regarding his marriage to Princess Love. In an interview with Wendy Williams, Ray J said that he and Princess are in a great place and they are working to repair their marriage. He explained, “We flew out to Miami. I flew them Princess and the kids out to Miami for my birthday and things have been so great that we’ve been here ever since.” When asked if he is committed to being faithful in his marriage moving forward, he said, “Absolutely. Two people never giving up. I think that’s it. Going through different times in life, it’s just a transition. Sometimes, it’s about a whole different thing in life that you’re dealing with.”