TREY SONGZ IS NOT INTERESTED IN DOING A 'VERZUZ' BATTLE: During a recent radio interview, Trey Songz revealed that he is not interested in doing a VERZUZ battle with anyone. He explained, “No, I’m not open to doing Verzuz, But for me, I’ve never really been into being in competition with the next man, the next woman, and putting myself in a position where I gotta say, ‘this is better than what you’ve done.' I’m in competition with myself. Furthermore, I don’t think there’s anybody that really do what I do.”

KEHLANI REVEALS WHY SHE UNFOLLOWED HER FRIEND MEGAN THEE STALLION: Kehlani has revealed why she unfollowed her friend Megan Thee Stallion. Fan noticed that the two unfollowed each other earlier this week. Kehlani said, “I am unfollowing everyone and starting at zero, Instagram only lets you go a certain amount at a time. I am trying to get to zero to start over again. i followed 2300 people.” She added, “y’all theories are a** juice and instagram is toxic which is why i’m tryna clean my timeline up to stay off of it . if u follow me closely you know i been off twitter for a while too. i’m in a great placeeeeee mind ur beeeeez life is goooood”

MONICA'S NEW ALBUM 'TRENCHES' DUE OUT NEXT MONTH: Monica has revealed that she will be releasing her ninth studio album Trenches on November 20th. In a recent interview with True Exclusives, she opened up about her album, saying, “I’m always in the trenches to some capacity or the other, whether it be emotionally, sometimes physically—wherever my family is, that’s where I go. I’m also in the trenches of this music industry. I’m working hard, I’m writing a lot, I’m basically doing everything you can imagine because now I’m independently owned.”