WOMAN SEEMINGLY TRIES TO SPIKE TREY SONGZ'S DRINK: A video has surfaced online of what looks like a woman slipping something into Trey Songz's drink. In the video, the woman is seen pouring something in his drink and Trey reacted by giving her the side eye and looking down at his drink. Fans had a lot to say about the video. One person wrote, “I see nothing funny about this, if this was the other way around y’all wouldn’t hesitate to talk sh*t about him..” Another person wrote, “let this have been him doing it to her, y’all would’ve lost y’all marbles..”

T-PAIN SAYS HE DOESN'T HAVE A PROBLEM WITH FUTURE: During an interview with Drink Champs, T-Pain opened up about his "problems" with Future, saying that they are non existent. He explained,  "My problem with Future was never a problem.  It was Khaled's problem. When they put out 'I Woke Up In A New Bugatti,' they had posted my Bugatti in their sh*t. You know what it was like? When your homeboy got a Tinder date in the apartment, and your homeboy got on your shirt that you use for Tinder Dates." He added, "That's how the whole Future beef started. Everybody thinks it was this big thing, that we fought or something. But it was literally — [he] sat in my Bugatti. In my Bugatti. And then you said it was yours. And I told people it wasn't yours, and that was the end of it." He added, "He didn't get mad.  Future never gets mad…He ignored the whole sh*t."