TREY SONGZ APPEARS TO THROW FIRST PUNCH IN FIGHT WITH COP: According to TMZ, a new video shared by Kansas City Police appears to show what looks like Trey Songz hitting a cop first during his altercation with the Kansas City police. As previously reported, the singer was arrested on Sunday (January 24th) after a fight with the cops for allegedly not following coronavirus protocols at the AFC championship game in Kansas City. In the clip, you can see Trey being approached by security on three different occasions. Later a KCPD officer approached Trey and tried to escort him out of the section. The singer leaves he row before swinging or shoving the cop and and then a fight ensues. Trey reportedly landed a punch at the cop’s head and placed him in a headlock. Security and off-duty sheriff’s deputies arrived for backup and Trey was arrested. He was booked for trespassing, resisting arrest—both misdemeanors—and for assaulting a police officer.

THE DREAM ADDRESSES 'SIGNED' CLIP AND COLORISM ACCUSATIONS: The Dream took to social media to address a clip from the 2017 VH1 show “Signed” that has resurfaced. In the clip, judges Rick Ross, Dream and Lenny S. gave contestant Just Brittany praise for her rendition of Ross' “Aston Martin Music,” but told Kaiya that her rendition wasn't good. Dream tweeted, “I’m completely surprised by even the smallest amount of people that would ever test my Blackness and my love for my people and my culture in every shade esp. the darkest of u. I’m not overly surprised. But as much as I’ve done to move women forward through songs and always Being the one that make sure sh*t looks a certain way.” He added, “I’m sure every director and every artist or person who have saw me work and been around me know exactly how I prefer things. Black as f*ck all the time. With all I’ve done this is what y’all have for me. Now me I’m not black enough even though I walked out of labels left 5ms cause race sh*t.”

ASHANTI OPENS UP ABOUT HER VERZUZ BATTLE WITH KEYSHIA COLE: During a recent radio interview, Ashanti opened up about her VERZUZ battle with Keyshia Cole. She talked about why she decided to show up on screen while Keyshia was over an hour late. She explained,”I obviously thought she was gonna be there a little bit sooner. I just felt like as women camaraderie, if someone is late, you know, you hold on a little bit … I didn't even realize so much time was going by … There was something with her screen I think, or the sound, or something. I didn't even know what was going on … I was like, OK, I have to go out because there's just people sittin' there. This thing has been already up and down—the cancelations, the postponements, now it's late. So, I said, 'I'mma wait a bit longer, and then I'll go out.' So I did.” On Keyshia's attitude, she said, “Everyone has their days, you know what I mean?… There was probably a lot of stuff going on. It's a lot of pressure. When you think of that many people with eyes on you … If her stuff wasn't together, of course you're going to be frustrated … So on top of being nervous and then having to deal with all of that, of course you're going to be a little flustered. So I would just assume that played a part into it.”

DRAKE WANTS AN USHER AND JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE VERZUZ: During an interview with ESPN 2's Jalen & Jacoby, Timbaland revealed that Drake personally contacted him and told him that he would like to see an Usher and Justin Timberlake VERZUZ battle. He said, “It’s so funny, Drake hit me up too about it, too. He said, ‘We gotta make that happen.’ I’m like, ‘Soon to come. Soon to come.'”