USHER PULLS EPIC APRIL FOOLS' JOKE AT DREAMVILLE FESTIVAL: Usher pulled an epic April Fools' prank at the Dreamville Festival on Saturday night (April 1st) when he told fans that he had a very special guest that he wasabout to bring out. He told the crowd, “I said I would have a special surprise for you tonight, should I tell you what that surprise is? Ladies and gentlemen, without further ado, put your hands together for the one, the only, Beyoncé." The crowd screamed for about the next minute while Usher tried to get an unseen person on to the stage. Usher then went on the microphone and said, “April Fools.” Usher later bought out The City Girls to perform their collaboration "Good Love."

RAY J WANTS A VERZUZ REMATCH: Ray J took to social  media to let fans know that he'd like to have a VERZUZ rematch with Bobby Valentino, Sammie, and Pleasure P. Ray J said via IG, “FORGET THE GROUP RIGHT NOW!! Run it back.” He added, “I want my get back.” The singer then called out Bobby Valentino, saying he thought they were supposed to be a team in the battle.