USHER AND HIS GIRLFRIEND JENN GOICOECHEA ARE EXPECTING THEIR FIRST CHILD TOGETHER: Usher and his girlfriend, record executive Jenn Goicoechea are expecting their first child together. According to US Weekly, a source close to the couple said, “They are thrilled and very excited.” The couple was recently spotted out and about in on L.A, with Goicoechea’s baby bump on full display.  This will be Goicoechea’s first child and Usher’s third.

LETOYA LUCKETT REVEALS SHE SLEPT IN HER CAR AFTER BEING KICKED OUT OF DESTINY’S CHILD: During a recent IG Live, LeToya Luckett revealed that she had some hard times after being kicked out of Destiny’s Child back in 2001. During the live,one fan asked how she was able to keep going after being kicked out of Destiny’s Child. She said that she was 18 at the time, lived in Los Angeles and had a really tough time. She said, “I’m a tell you, during my journey, I was staying in people’s houses.  I’ve never told these stories before. I slept in a car in L.A. while I was making my first album. Not a lot of nights but a few.” She continued, “Water jug, gallon of water when I was staying in a hotel and couldn’t really afford anything else. I was drinking a gallon of water and buying the microwaveable oodles and noodles. And I was like cooking them on the coffee pot in the hotel.” She added, “And then I went out for a role, my first role ever, which was Preacher’s Kid, and I got it. And that’s what got me out of that hotel. And from Preacher’s Kid, God aligned it that I met Tank. Went back and started doing my second album. Yeah. It was a lot. I was uncomfortable for a minute.” LeToya said that she was happy that she went through that tough time because it all worked out for her. She explained, “You have to be willing to just sometimes take a step back and be okay with being uncomfortable. You have to.”

FAN COMPARES SADE TO JHENE AIKO, SADE FANS GO OFF!: Sade fans went off on social media after a fan compared her to Jhene Aiko. One person wrote, “Sade is thin & light skinned & was humming on them tracks. At least Jhené gives us DRAMA.” Fans lost their minds, with one person writing, “Y’all reducing Sade’s success to her being pretty and lightskinned and not legitimately being one of the most recognizable and influential artists in contemporary music?” Even Halle Berry chimed in, saying, “I know y’all not comin for Sade Adu. I know I heard that wrong.”