M.A.C. ANNOUNCES MAKEUP LINE WITH WHITNEY HOUSTON'S ESTATE: According to People, MAC has announced a Whitney Houston makeup line. The beauty brand has inked a long-term, multi-faceted partnership with the Whitney Houston Estate. The line will launch in 2022 and will support the biopic about the singer's life and career.

CHLOE BAILEY DENIES HAVING BEEF WITH TINASHE: Chloe Bailey has denied that she has beef with Tinashe. Bailey recently posted a photo of herself on he floor in a bikini and some pointed out similarities between the photo and a photo that Tinashe used for her 2019 release Songs For You. Tinashe even liked a tweet where someone said the pic was giving [Tinashe’s] album cover for Songs For You.”  Chloe later tweeted, "Guys can you please stop, there’s no beef between me and [Tinashe]. She’s a baddie and i love everything she does." Tinashe responded, “Classy queen!!! You’re the sweetest.”

KELLY PRICE IS ACTUALLY MARRIED TO DARRYL CRUMP: It has been revealed that Kelly Price is actually married to Darryl Crump. As previously reported, last week it was reported that Kelly was missing after being discharged from the hospital after suffering from COVID-19. Family members claimed that her boyfriend was keeping her from them. Kelly broke her silence, saying she was alive and well and that her "husband" has by her side. Hip Hollywood has reported that accordingto the Clark County Clerk’s Office in Nevada, the two were married on Nov. 1 2020, one day after applying for a marriage license.