KANDI BURRUSS AND LATOCHA SCOTT ADDRESS 'QUEENS OF R&B' DRAMA: Kandi Burruss and LaTocha Scott have addressed the drama on their new Bravo show Queens of R&B. During a recent episode of Speak On It, Kandi denied being jealous of LaTocha. She said, "I didn’t like that Tocha tried to allude that I had something to do with her damn solo project not coming out. That annoys me. I feel like Tocha blames me for everything that has gone wrong in her life and I do not understand why.” Kandi admitted that they always have butted heads. Still, she insisted she doesn’t like being blamed for situations she’s not around for. Meanwhile, LaTocha has denied her sister Tamika's cliams that she stole $30,000 in royalties from her. During a recent interview, she said, “My sister and I have been threw a lot and I’ll say that when my father left my sisters had issues with things and life. And so we’ve always to keep that to the side. Whenever she’s confronted with anything it’s always ‘this this and that’ and it has nothing to do with anything, to be honest with you.” She added, “And I don’t like to really talk about the things that we go through because I keep that behind closed doors but as an older sister there was no favoritism.”

KELIS OPENS UP ABOUT HER HEALTH AND WELLNESS JOURNEY ONE YEAR AFTER LOSING HER HUSBAND: Kelis has opened up about health and wellness one year after her husband Mike Mora passed from stomach cancer. Kelis said, “My husband Mike got sick, this was a couple of years ago, it was right after we had our youngest, and he was diagnosed with stage IV stomach cancer…We were already eating well and really focused on what we put in our bodies. After he did like, eight rounds of chemo, which was beyond intense, there were things that we were doing that we saw like, ‘how are we going to get through this period of time, how are we going to get through chemo?'” Following her husband’s diagnosis and as his tumor returned, the mother of three continued her research, and she ultimately discovered ozone therapy.  They eventually met the “beautiful, brilliant man” who invented the hyperbaric chamber, and he gave them a very specific mushroom recipe.  While it was too late to save her spouse, Kelis said she began making brain food for herself and her kids. She added, “I moved to the farm, and we wanted to separate ourselves from all the silly things that had us stressed out and worried and angst, and all the things that didn’t really matter. When you think about wellness, when you think about health, it really is something you can take control of…Support your local farmers, support your Black farmers. Why? Because we care.” Kelis's husband Mike Mora died to stomach cancer in March 2022.

BOBBY CALDWELL DEAD AT 71: Singer-songwriter Bobby Caldwell, known for his 1978 hit "What You Won't Do For Love" has died. He was 71. According to TMZ, Caldwell passed away in his sleep Tuesday night (March 14th) at his home in New Jersey. Caldwell hasn't been able to walk for about 5 years as he coped with painful bouts of neuropathy and a torn tendon in his ankle. Last year his team revealed Bobby had a bad reaction to a prescribed antibiotic in 2017 — they say it caused his Achilles tendon to rupture, which led to the neuropathy. During his career, Bobby also wrote songs for the likes of Neil Diamond, Al Jarreau, Roberta Flack and Boz Scaggs. He even penned the 1986 #1 hit, "The Next Time I Fall" for Amy Grant and Peter Cetera.