BEYONCE'S MOM SPEAKS OUT ON CULTURAL APPROPRIATION ALLEGATIONS: Beyonce's mom Tina Lawson went off on her critics who accused the singer of cultural appropriating African culture in her upcoming Black Is King visual album. She wrote on Instagram, “It’s really sad that the women who shout the loudest 'protect the black woman' that they are the ones that are trying to tear her down. Sisters wake up!!!! Take an inventory of yourself and your hate. Beyonce is not your enemy!!” She continued, saying that Beyonce was taught to “lift other women and not tear them down.” She added, “She minds her own business , does not criticize anyone, Gives of her time and money , and dedicates her art to Boldly show the Royalty and beauty of our heritage and journey ! Her work is to change the narrative! She employs African and African-American people , fights for many 'first' in the fashion and film world.” She ended her post, saying, “I have one question for you too that I’m confused about 'how do you appropriate the black culture when you are black?? She has a right to her heritage as well as anyone else in the world.”

KELLY ROWLAND SAYS SHE ALMOST LOST EVERYTHING |TRYING TO KEEP UP WITH THE JONESES: During a YouTube interview with her pastor Erwin McManus, Kelly Rowland admitted that she “almost lost everything” trying to keep up with the celebrity lifestyle. She said, “Even going through my own time where there was a lot of – no one will believe this and it’ll actually be the first time I talk about it – where I almost lost everything because I was so busy trying to keep up.vWhether it was the look, whether it was the wardrobe, whether it was the car, whether it was the place, whether it was the – you know what I mean? All that silliness.” She continued, “I was ‘rich broke,’ and I will never forget having this moment … I called my best friend and I said, ‘I just don’t know what to do.’?” She revealed that her friend advised her to donate to the church, despite her financial issues. Though her business manager told her she couldn’t afford the donation, she gave financial gift anyway and things turned around for her. She told her pastor, “Literally the following week, things just started to happen. Good things.”

WOMAN PROVES THAT SUMMER WALKER'S BOYFRIEND LONDON ON DA TRACK IS THE FATHER OF HER SON: Atlanta based event curator Dayira Jones aka Daybella posted DNA results on her Instagram page, naming Summer Walker's boyfriend, hit producer London On Da Track as the father of her one-year-old son. She captioned the photo, “It was never a doubt. So sad it had to come to this. No court should have to be involve to make a man step up & be a father.” Last week, Bossip reported that London was seeking a DNA test and stated that he wanted to impose a gag order on Jones to prevent her from making disparaging comments about him.