RAY J SAYS HE MADE PRINCESS LOVE WAIT 6 MONTJS TO HAVE SEX WHEN THEY WERE DATING: During an appearance on Revolt's Respectfully, Ray J revealed that he made Princess Love wait six months before they had sex when they started dating. He explained, “[When] I was in my situation with my beautiful wife, I didn’t want to hit on the first night. I wanted to stretch it, just because it’s different. Six, seven months–’til they can’t take it no more.”  He added, “I wanna get to know you.”

K. MICHELLLE RESPONDS TO PLASTIC SURGERY RUMORS: K. Michelle has responded to rumors that she has been bleaching her skin and has had more plastic surgery done on her face. The singer was trending earlier this week after posting a new photo on Instagram. K. Michelle acknowledged that she had a nose job year ago, but denied bleaching. She explained, "I'm just really p*ssed more than anything because you're gonna find something. I don't need hide anything that I've gone through. I'm sorry, I look f*cking good. I;m sorry that I'm so pretty. I don't even tknow how to find bleach."

CHRISETTE MICHELLE SAYS PERFORMING AT TRUMP INAUGURATION WAS 'THE WRONG THING TO DO': In an appearance on the YouTube series Terell, Chrisette Michelle admitted that performing at the inauguration back in 2016 was the wrong thing to do. She said, "It was the wrong thing to do. I never said it publicly…" On whether she regrets it, she said, ‘I don’t regret it, I learned a lot." The singer also revealed that the ordeal put a strain on her  marriage, saying, "When I was canceled right, smack dab at the beginning of my marriage, it put a strain on my marriage,’ she said. ‘Now, as I emerge from the ashes, I am so comfortable in my skin."