Porsha Williams has opened up about her fiance Dennis McKinley's infidelity. The RHOA star recalled McKinley blaming postpartum depression for the reason he stepped out during a therapy session. She said, “When he told me he cheated because of postpartum depression, I took it and it rolled right off my back like water off of a duck’s back – because first of all, we still had sex. He was my biggest support system while I was going through it…So I knew that was just something that maybe had a piece of it, you know? But I knew that wasn’t the whole reason of why he had stepped out.”

She continued, “People, when they talk about infidelity- they try to make up these big, big deep reasons. And really what it was could’ve been that we got together so fast, and this chick was still there. Maybe I wasn’t around and he just made a phone call. It could be really simple. It doesn’t have to be that deep. I think once we kept going to counseling, he came to that he did it because he was selfish, and that’s something he wanted to do. And he found out some things about me that we had never talked about before…”


During a chat with Married to Medicine's Dr. HeavenlyTami Roman revealed that she believes Basketball Wives: LA ruined her frienship with Shaunie O'Neal. She explained, “I thought that Shaunie and I were real friends. I think that I put more weight and more value on the friendship than she actually was doing. From my standpoint, I really cared and respected Shaunie a lot, a  great deal. And so the last two seasons made me feel like it wasn’t any reciprocity. You gotta acknowledge that and honor it. If people don’t f–k with you like that they just don’t f–k with you. No harm, no foul. But I just realized that it wasn’t that deep for her.”

On if she would ever return to Basketball Wives, Tami said, “I liked my time on Basketball Wives. I enjoyed it, I think that in the past two seasons the dynamic of the show changed for me and it wasn’t fun to go to work.”

She continued, “The cast changes or the cast additions just wasn’t an environment that I wanted to be in any longer. If they made cast changes, yeah, because I liked it. I liked most of the girls on there. But they’re not asking me and I’m not answering. They’re happy I’m gone and I’m happy to be gone.”