Back in April, Nina Thomas, the wife of NFL star Earl Thomas allegedly pointed a gun at his head and chased him with a knife after catching him in bed with another woman. According to TMZ, the incident took place on April 13th when Earl left their Austin, Texas home after an argument over his drinking. Nina then hacked into Earl's Snapchat account in order to find him. She found a video of Earl with another woman and then used Snapchat to find him.

She then went to the location with two friends — and bought Earl's handgun along with her. When she reached the location, she walked in on her husband and his brother, Seth, “in bed with other women."

At that moment, Nina took out the gun and pointed it at Earl's head. He was able to wrestle it away. Earl's wife said that she just intende to scare him with the gun.

It wasn’t until 3:41 a.m. the next morning that cops got involved when they received a call about a disturbance at the couple’s home.

When the cops arrived, they found Nina with a knife in her hand and chasing Earl, who had a pistol, around a car.

Nina was eventually arrested and charged with burglary of a residence with intent to commit aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Earl was not arrested.  An order of protection was also issued against Nina.

Meanwhile, Earl revealed via Instagram that he and Nina are“back talking” and that he’s been seeing his kids. He said, Stuff like this happens. You know, we try to live the best lives we possibly can, but sometimes it don’t go as planned.”