It is being reported that Jelani Day's body was found without any organs.  As previously reported, Jelani Day went missing on August 24th, and his body was found in the Illinois River on September 4th. On September 24th, it was confirmed by a coroner that the body belonged to Jelani.

According to The Chicago Sun Times, Day's body was “completely liquefied.” The report said, “The corpse had no eyeballs, only sockets. The river’s water had run her course, soaking the body through and through. 

It was also reported that a forensic pathologist hired by the family could not locate Jelani’s brain, organs, or spleen. The report read, ”The family’s private forensic pathologist could find no brain, according to Day and her attorney. No organs. Neither liver. Nor spleen.”

The report also stated that the family's attorney said that Day’s body “suffered innumerable fish and turtle bites and was maggot-infested." Day’s “genitalia were unidentifiable” and the family’s private forensic pathologist determined to be “flayed” or without skin.

The family attorney Hallie Bezner said that an investigation is still ongoing, and she plans to seek a “plausible” explanation for Jelani Day’s badly decomposed body. She explained, “I’m really trying to ask questions and not go down the path of a lot of conspiracy because I think it’s easy to go that way."