Reports say that Wendy Williams was not consulted before show producers hired guest hosts for her talk show. Yesterday (Monday, Oct. 18th), The Wendy Williams Show returned for its season 13 premiere. It was hosted by a guest panel consisting of Bevy Smith, Elizabeth Wagmeister, Michael Yo, and Devyn Simone. It was also announced that Leah Remini would serve as a guest host next week.

According to Page Six, an insider said, “No one asked Wendy for her approval before hiring Leah. They will say they are protecting Wendy and don’t want to bother her as she recovers, but it’s her name that is above the front door and she should have been consulted on this.”

The inside added that producers are scrambling to book guest hosts, saying, “It is a disaster. CNN’s Don Lemon and several other hosts have already passed on joining the lineup. The last time Wendy was replaced with panels of D-list celebrities the ratings were a disaster. No one wants to see Bevy Smith or Michael Yo, they want to see Wendy. It is a thankless job, that has a very good chance of upsetting Wendy if you take it.”

Another source said, “Wendy was livid when Jerry O’Connell filled in for her the last time she was sick. She knew he was auditioning to get his own show and push her out. Things between Wendy and Jerry have never been the same again after that. Wendy has a long memory, and anyone that is trying to replace her won’t be welcome back when Wendy finally returns to her show.”