Former Real Housewives of Atlanta star Falynn Guobadia has revealed that she and boyfriend Jaylan Banks are expecting a baby. 

She told fans on YouTube, “Jaylan and I will actually be having a baby. Jaylan and I are expecting.  We are adding another little one to the crazy bunch. It is Jaylan’s first baby.”

They also hinted that the baby is a boy using blue heart graphics in the video. 

A few months back, Falynn's ex husband Simon Guobadia claimed that Falynn cheated on him with Jaylan and that she was pregnant, which she denied at the time. Falynn and Jaylan confirmed their relationship months later, claiming that they started officially dating in June.


In other news, while hosting Bravo's Chat Room, Porsha Williams revealed that only one of her Real Housewives of Atlanta co-hosts reached out to show support when she announced her engagement to Simon Guobadia.

She said, “Girl they is shady as h***!! We even had some old dried up cast mates be shady about it child.”

She continued, “And then we had Kenya Moore who had her little, I don’t know what she had to say, something. I aint even see what she had to say but I heard it was like shady. And I heard Marlo was shady. Umm, I didn’t hear anything else.”

She added, “I didn’t hear from like Cynthia at all, she didn’t text or anything and I didn’t hear anything from umm Kandi or nothing like that. We were still talking but she didn’t say anything about it.”

Porsha said that the only person that reached out was Drew Sidora, saying, "Drew is the bomb.com! Like she has been so supportive. Like she has literally text me and we’ve gone to eat together, she has been everything throughout all of this.”

Falynn Guobadia announces pregnancy :

Falynn shows off baby bump :